• ❑ 画像転送アプリのPhotoSyncがバージョンアップ


– New: Supports transferring photos/videos to Picasa

– New: Supports transferring photos/videos to Facebook

– New: Supports transferring photos/videos to SmugMug

– New: Quick Transfer is the ultimate Time Saver.
Quick Transfer allows you to set a default computer (or other service) in the settings and then just transfer all new/selected pictures to this default computer by a long press on the sync button.

– New: Now supports transferring videos to Flickr.

– New: Videos from devices that record HD videos (e.g. iPhone 4, iPad 2) can now be send to non HD-capable devices (e.g iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs). The video is resized on the source device before the transfer happens.

– New: When transferring to a computer or iOS device photos can now be resized before the transfer happens

– New: Now supports transfers from iPhone 4 to iPad or a Computer using the personal HotSpot feature of iPhone 4

– New: When transferring to FTP or Dropbox subfolder creation for device and album name can be turned off.

– Fixed: Special characters in Device and album name are now replaced when transferring to FTP

– Fixed: Upload progress is now more accurate when transferring to Dropbox or other Webservices

– Fixed: Fixes the endless loading bug that occurred on some iPads on first startup of PhotoSync.



IMG 3619 IMG 3618




PhotoSync – wirelessly transfers your photos and videos 1.2App

カテゴリ : 写真
価格 : ¥230
リリース日 : 2011/02/18
容量 : 12.0 MB
販売元: touchbyte GmbH
AppStoreでの評価 : 無し


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